Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Madness

Well, it's March 1st, and I am gearing up for my first month of extreme couponing! I read an article last week about the 4 stages of couponing, and I realized that while I have always used coupons and have done well with my budget, I have never been an extreme couponer. So, I read the tips, clipped my coupons and made my list.

My first trip was this morning at Lowes' Foods, and I saved 41.91 and spent 39.85. That's about 51% savings! The only thing I bought that wasn't either on sale or on sale with a coupon was a gallon of milk for 3.79. I am thrilled!! Now, this kind of couponing does take a bit of work-- I spent about three hours this week getting organized and preparing my shopping list. But it was so well worth it!

This was just day one of week one so I have a lot of "month" left, so I will keep you posted on how I do.

Here are a few of my best buys.
Sara Lee coffee crumb cakes $1.00 each (reg. $3.99)
Tyson honey dipped chicken 3.19 (reg. $6.49)
Martha white muffin mix .69 (reg. $1.19)
Maxwell house coffee 5.99 (reg. $10.29)
Velveeta singles 1.49 (reg. $3.95)

Happy Couponing!

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