Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten Dollars

What can you buy for ten dollars?  Well I was pleasantly surprised today when I went shopping and I came home with 8 grocery items for just that. Between Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree this is what I got. Check it out!

Silk Almond Milk 1.78 with coupon
Honey Bunches of Oats $1 at the DT
Natures Own whole wheat bread, hamburger buns and hotdog buns $1 each= $3
Salsa $1 at the DT
Avocado .98
Bananas 1.24
Total:  9.00
        tax .54
Total $9.54

This isn't extreme couponing. I didn't get anything for free, and I only had one coupon. So, anyone can do this...:)

Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break on a Budget

This week was spring break for Brunswick Co., so the Headricks made a special budget for the week. First, I prayed for self-discipline because I'm guilty of costly vacations :)-- one of my greatest weaknesses.

God went before me every step of the way, and I got off to a great start last Friday by hitting the jackpot at ABC Consignment, which was having its seasonal "fill a bag" sale. I bought two bags of clothes for Ireland (American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, etc.) and put it all together and made about 5 outfits. Total Cost $10! Yep, that's 5 outfits for $10. And the Easter bunny stocked Jeffrey up with water guns, buckets, and a kite for under $10.

After an amazing Easter Sunday Service at Generations Church, I prepared a home-cooked buffet for the family and we enjoyed left overs for several days (no dining out necessary!). This week we have had our fair share of sundaes, too... I found maraschino cherries at the Dollar Tree for $1, so I decided to stock up on ice cream, bananas, and whip cream as well. They were delicious, and it was so much less expensive than going out for sundaes.

And of course, since we LIVE in a vacation spot this year, we didn't need to travel anywhere! No money spent on hotels or gas. The beach is only 8 miles away and the Water Front Park is just 1 mile, so between the light house, parks, museums and the ocean I only spent an extra $10 in gas cruising around town. To top it all off, Generations had a discipleship weekend for the youth and Ireland 
got to go (and paid for it herself).

Between the beach, the maritime museum, consignment shops, ice-cream sundaes and discipleship, our Spring Break cost less than $50 and we had an absolute blast!! Of course, I must admit without the God-given weather things would've been much different. So thank you Jesus for the beautiful weather and special blessings throughout the week. This body stayed on budget!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March is a wrap

So-- I made it through March with my "extreme coupon" budget. It wasn't easy, but it was fun! I've realized I'll probably never be a die-hard couponer, but I did love the challenge and the savings. It definetly takes organization, discipline, and desire...:). Keeping your coupons grouped together, and making time to print, cut and sort them takes a NEED or at least a strong "want" to keep you going. Mine was a little bit of both. I needed to cut our original  $220 weekly grocery budget to $100-125 and I wanted to get the largest quantity/quality food for it. This definetly didn't happen overnight; it took several weeks of budget cuts to take the final plunge to $100/week (and that includes toiletries). And we did it!! No one starved, felt deprived, or really "needed" for anything. We did run out of a few things here and there and if it wasn't in the budget we didn't get it... ie. bread, peanut butter, chips etc.., until the following week.  So this month is a bit different. While I am still going to coupon and stick to roughly $100/week, I'm going to go to Delly's Deals and find the best price matches, make my list and stick to just want I need, 4 days at a time.

Happy shopping,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Three more days!

Ok so I've tried to extreme coupon this month and while I have had some success it's not easy, yet! First, it is tough staying disciplined. You must plan it out. In week two I tried to get everything in one trip. Big mistake!  For me, it works best to shop twice a week and only stock up on what is almost free, or it ruins the budget. I have three days left and if I don't spend more than five more dollars I will end the month feeding a family of four that LOVES to eat on $400.  Wish me luck. :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Extreme couponing

Today is day 7 of my extreme couponing and I ended the week with $62 of savings. I Spent $75.69 on $137.69 worth of groceries/toiletries. My best yet!! But I still feel like I can do a bit better. I shopped mostly at Lowes Foods this week with two trips to the Dollar Tree and one to Walmart.
So today I am reloading. I've printed most of my coupons and I've check out the sales and I really think I can actually start stock piling groceries. My goal is to stick with the $75 budget, but get more food with it and start a grocery closet for donations. Wish me luck!

Happy shopping!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Madness

Well, it's March 1st, and I am gearing up for my first month of extreme couponing! I read an article last week about the 4 stages of couponing, and I realized that while I have always used coupons and have done well with my budget, I have never been an extreme couponer. So, I read the tips, clipped my coupons and made my list.

My first trip was this morning at Lowes' Foods, and I saved 41.91 and spent 39.85. That's about 51% savings! The only thing I bought that wasn't either on sale or on sale with a coupon was a gallon of milk for 3.79. I am thrilled!! Now, this kind of couponing does take a bit of work-- I spent about three hours this week getting organized and preparing my shopping list. But it was so well worth it!

This was just day one of week one so I have a lot of "month" left, so I will keep you posted on how I do.

Here are a few of my best buys.
Sara Lee coffee crumb cakes $1.00 each (reg. $3.99)
Tyson honey dipped chicken 3.19 (reg. $6.49)
Martha white muffin mix .69 (reg. $1.19)
Maxwell house coffee 5.99 (reg. $10.29)
Velveeta singles 1.49 (reg. $3.95)

Happy Couponing!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Delly's Deals

If you want to learn how to extreme coupon.... Delly's Deals Coupon Class Saturday, April 12, 2014 1:30pm until 4:00pm Cape Fear Alliance Church Cost - $10, must register and pay by March 28th. You will be eligible for some door prizes, as well as, receive $50 worth of coupons from Delly. We encourage you to invite friends and family as we have a minimum number of attendees required.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fitness 101

Move your body! It's that simple. Fitness doesn't have to be intimidating, just start moving and the rest will fall into place. I know, not everyone loves to work out like I do, but I also know that almost everyone would like to change something about their body. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be consistent. Wheater you walk, lift weights, enjoy a cardio class or swim. It all leads to a healthier body.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seasonal fruits & vegteables

Don't give up on fresh fruits and veggies just because you think they are too expensive. Instead, make your choices based on the season. In the winter, tomatoes, grapes and berries are quite expensive, but you can substitute for squash, zucchini, kiwi and pears. Also, Carrots, potatoes and many others are fairly inexpensive year round. So make your grocery list and don't forget to add in your fruits and veggies!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


                                          In aqua Santias, in water there is health! 

Water, it does a body good. It's cost effective and far outweighs soda, juice, and power drinks when it comes to your health. A few of the benefits of water are: it helps maintain the bodies fluid balance, helps with bowel regularity, reduces calorie consumption, and some research suggests it helps skin stay hydrated and reduces wrinkles.  So while your maximizing your budget with food and fitness don't forget to drink water and reduce your consumption of all those sugary beverages.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dr. Oz

I personally think Dr. Oz is brilliant, don't you? After reading several of his books, I have to admit he gives some great tips on fitness and nutrition, and most are practical and inexpensive. He has definitely raised the bar on "bedside manner", something many doctors lack. A heart surgeon turned celebrity, only in America. But, I am thrilled that he is passionate about being healthy and living your best life. So check out one of my favorite books of his: An Insider's Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger. It's really good stuff! If it's not in your budget to order a copy, remember to check it out at your local library.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All Things Sautéed: One-Week Meal Plan

The theme for this week is "all things sautéed". After all the baking and cooking I've been doing, I noticed an increase in our utility bill. After discovering that the oven is one of the largest utility expenses, I decided to challenge myself to turn off the oven and cook everything in a skillet on the burner, thus my menu for sautéed meals began. And of course, I have to look at the sales and coupons for the week and make my menu so I get the "double discount"...:)

This Week's Sales:
Lowe's Foods has BOGO Philly Steaks
Dollar Tree has broccoli-cheese-rice and chicken-fried-rice for $1 box
Walmart has good deals on bagged cole slaw, .99 garbonzo beans and bags of shrimp for $5 (makes two meals) and Roll-Backs on veggies this week
I do like to occasionally splurge on the Xtreme Wellness tortillas, especially since we will be having them 3 nights this week. Going shopping tomorrow. Stay tuned for my total!!

Plan for this week's dinners:
1: Veggie soft tacos with toss salad
2: Fish soft tacos with cole slaw
3: Shrimp soft tacos with blue chips and Avocado salsa
4: Chicken Philly wraps with sautéed potatoes
5: Steak Philly wraps with Caesar salad
6: Chicken fried rice with broccoli
7: Stir fried garbonzo beans with broccoli rice and cheese

In case you feel compelled to join me in this money saving challenge, please share what things you decide to cook and the deals get!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

Well, the game is over, and the Broncos lost, but we had a great party nonetheless. As an UTK alumni, I am a Peyton fan, so of course I wanted the Broncos to win, but maybe next year. As for the Super Bowl food, it was delicious and inexpensive. I bought just enough food for the recipes and to my surprise I only spent $12 and had plenty of leftovers. Now, our "party" was only the four of us. We started a tradition years ago to stay home and celebrate as a family. The game, commercials, half-time performances and the food preparation are always great fun, especially when Peyton is on the field. So we ate, watched in disbelief, danced during the Bruno Mars performance and discussed all the great and not so great Super Bowl ads...:) 
If you watched, I hope you made the best of it, and I hope you enjoyed all the Super Bowl food without spending a fortune or losing your "portion control"! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

One step at a time...

"Follow me one step at a time. That is all I require of you." I read this today in Sarah Youngs'
Jesus Calling. Wow! It felt so personal.

I've had many friends and family members ask questions about fitness and nutrition, but many suggest it is too EXPENSIVE to eat healthy and join a gym and/or higher a trainer. True, it can be, but you can learn how to eat on a budget and stay fit w/o paying high membership/training fees. I'm not suggesting you drop your trainer or gym membership if you can afford it, but shop around and make sure you get a good deal.

Start learning how to eat well and stay fit on what YOU can afford. Also, remember that your budget can change! You might start off couponing and save 50/week on groceries and before you know it, you're hiring that trainer with the money you're saving. It's all about balance.  Those on a tight budget and those with a more flexible budget-- whatever you can afford, you want to maximize you $$, don't you?

Remember bodies on a budget is one step at a time.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Chili Bake Potato

Nothing fancy, just good ol' cold weather comfort food. Since the family's been "iced-in" for a few days, chili sounded perfect. No coupons used, just roll-backs and bargain shopping at Walmart.

Chili Bake Potato: Serves 6

1/2 lb 85% lean hamburger   1.95 (upgrade to 97% if you prefer)
1 can "chili" beans                  .89
1 can red kidney beans           .89
1 can basil, oregano chopped tomato's    .89
1/2 onion      .45
6 small-med potatoes  (we like red but any will do)  aprox 1.25
dash of chili powder and dash of cayenne  .08 ?
1/2 cup Velveeta shredded cheddar .50
1/2 cup  light sour cream                 .35

Total: $6.75

That's $1.13 per person!

Bake the potatoes until soft (microwave or oven). Brown hamburger and onion together. Next, add chili powder and cayenne, and put beans and tomatoes (don't drain) in a pot and cook together on med high until it starts to boil, and then add meat. Simmer on low. Finally, add a cup or so of chili over an open potato, and top each bowl with sour cream and cheese.

Delicious! A hearty meal for these cold winter days!

***Chili is High Fiber and High Protein with Lycopene, and when you use only half the regular amount of meat, it is med-low fat. It is a budget- and belly-friendly choice!

Happy eating!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Foods

Super foods: what to include in your diet, not what to avoid. While there are over 100 super foods on the list today, I like to break them down to about 10 at a time. My top 10 favorites are:

Avocadoes, blueberries, bell peppers, pumpkins, walnuts, spinach, sweet potatoes, cocoa, tomatoes, and kale. 

These are listed based on my personal taste, not nutrient density, but all are nutrient-rich and incredibly good for you-- they are super foods, after all! By eating more super foods, you will naturally have less room for other foods, so before you know it your diet will be more balanced.

With the snow and cold weather, we drink a lot of hot chocolate. Instead of avoiding the sugary treat, I add a super food: 100% cocoa. Here's my favorite Peppermint Cocoa recipe:

Serves 4 about .50 a serving
2 1/2 cups milk (whole, 2%, skim or almond, you choose)
1 1/2 tbls. 100% cocoa
1tbls vanilla
1/4-1/2 cup sugar (to taste, I like 1/4 cup but it is richer with a dark cocoa kick)
1 small-medium candy cane or peppermint stick

Heat milk in a pot on medium high, to a steam (do not boil). Add peppermint first, then vanilla, cocoa and sugar. Make sure all ingredients are mixed together well. Serve in your favorite cold-weather mugs and enjoy!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Progress, Not Perfection

One of my favorite quotes is "strive for progress, not perfection". It's not about reaching your goals overnight, it's about making a commitment to do a little everyday! Whether you want to start saving money on groceries, losing weight or toning up, start with baby steps. I never thought it was possible to cut my grocery budget to $100/week or to make dinner for $5, but I soon found out that YES-- I can do both! So today, I encourage you to take one more step towards budget control, weight loss or toning your BODY!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Clip coupons
Try a NEW budget friendly recipe
Control your portions
Engage in some type of physical activity
(ex. push-ups are a GREAT way to tone your chest, arms, and upper back.)

Feel free to comment and share YOUR ideas!!!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Budget Lasagna

Since its turned a bit cold here in SPT I wanted to make some cold weather foods. Today I am making my new Lasagna recipe. It's budget Lasagna. Still has the same great taste, but a little less expensive. The biggest money-saver when making Lasagna is reducing the amount of meat you use and possibly changing the percentage of leanness in the meat you use. For this recipe I switched from mu usual 93% lean meat to 85% and used only 1/2 a pound. This way I am saving money, but not adding in all the extra fat with the meat switch. If your budget allows, stick with what you can afford and enjoy this delicious recipe.

Serves 6
1 box lasagna ($1)
1//2 lb 85% lean hamburger (1.90)
1/2 yellow onion (.40)
2chopped carrots (.25)
8 oz low fat cottage cheese ($1)
8 oz skim  milk ricotta ($1)
24oz meat flavored pasta sauce ($1 at Dollar Tree)
1 6oz jar mushrooms ($1 )
2cups shredded cheddar ($2)
Total: $9.55
Serve with garlic bread $1
Grand total 10.55

*All items can be found at either Walmart or the Dollar Tree.
Cook pasta as directed.
Brown hamburger with onion and carrots, then add mushroom. Mix everything together with meat and layer. Bake and enjoy!! (375 for 35-45 min.)


Monday, January 27, 2014

Your 40-Minute Workout Prescription

It is a beautiful day here in Southport, NC with highs near 60, but it will be turning cold Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This morning I "worked out" my meal plans while on the treadmill (killing two birds with one stone!) and was very happy to find our bonus room was NOT freezing. I want to enjoy the warmth while it lasts!

40-Minute Workout: You can do this workout without any equipment, but if you have a treadmill and a weighted hula-hoop, go get them ready!

If you're on the treadmill: Walk for 40 minutes (about two miles) at 3.5 mph at 4% incline. While walking, do two sets of 20 uppercuts and 20 sets of side-hooks (no lifting weights required!)

If you're outside: Choose an area with low hills. Walk for 40 minutes (about 2 miles) at an average walking pace. While walking, do two sets of 20 uppercuts and 20 sets of side-hooks (no lifting weights required!)

Cool down: 5 minutes hula-hooping.

Alternative cool-down: If you don't have a weighted hula-hoop, you need to get one! :) But until then, just do two minutes of standard sit-ups. Finish with a thirty-second plank.

Today we'll be having tomato-and-avocado sandwiches for lunch, along with a yummy side salad. In the next few days, I plan to prepare chili one night and lasagna one night, two perfect meals for cold winter weather. Stay tuned for my budget-friendly lasagna recipe.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcome Post

Hello and welcome to Bodies on a Budget! My name is Karen Headrick, and my goal is for this blog to motivate you to stay fit for free and eat on a budget! I am a personal trainer and nutrition enthusiast with a BS in Community Health Education. Not only do I love to eat well and exercise, I also love to cook, coupon, and cut costs (especially in the kitchen!). On this blog you can expect to see family-friendly recipes for less, at-home fitness tips, couponing advice, and much more. So let's get started, SHARING and SAVING!

Food and fitness,