Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Budget Lasagna

Since its turned a bit cold here in SPT I wanted to make some cold weather foods. Today I am making my new Lasagna recipe. It's budget Lasagna. Still has the same great taste, but a little less expensive. The biggest money-saver when making Lasagna is reducing the amount of meat you use and possibly changing the percentage of leanness in the meat you use. For this recipe I switched from mu usual 93% lean meat to 85% and used only 1/2 a pound. This way I am saving money, but not adding in all the extra fat with the meat switch. If your budget allows, stick with what you can afford and enjoy this delicious recipe.

Serves 6
1 box lasagna ($1)
1//2 lb 85% lean hamburger (1.90)
1/2 yellow onion (.40)
2chopped carrots (.25)
8 oz low fat cottage cheese ($1)
8 oz skim  milk ricotta ($1)
24oz meat flavored pasta sauce ($1 at Dollar Tree)
1 6oz jar mushrooms ($1 )
2cups shredded cheddar ($2)
Total: $9.55
Serve with garlic bread $1
Grand total 10.55

*All items can be found at either Walmart or the Dollar Tree.
Cook pasta as directed.
Brown hamburger with onion and carrots, then add mushroom. Mix everything together with meat and layer. Bake and enjoy!! (375 for 35-45 min.)


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