Friday, January 31, 2014

Chili Bake Potato

Nothing fancy, just good ol' cold weather comfort food. Since the family's been "iced-in" for a few days, chili sounded perfect. No coupons used, just roll-backs and bargain shopping at Walmart.

Chili Bake Potato: Serves 6

1/2 lb 85% lean hamburger   1.95 (upgrade to 97% if you prefer)
1 can "chili" beans                  .89
1 can red kidney beans           .89
1 can basil, oregano chopped tomato's    .89
1/2 onion      .45
6 small-med potatoes  (we like red but any will do)  aprox 1.25
dash of chili powder and dash of cayenne  .08 ?
1/2 cup Velveeta shredded cheddar .50
1/2 cup  light sour cream                 .35

Total: $6.75

That's $1.13 per person!

Bake the potatoes until soft (microwave or oven). Brown hamburger and onion together. Next, add chili powder and cayenne, and put beans and tomatoes (don't drain) in a pot and cook together on med high until it starts to boil, and then add meat. Simmer on low. Finally, add a cup or so of chili over an open potato, and top each bowl with sour cream and cheese.

Delicious! A hearty meal for these cold winter days!

***Chili is High Fiber and High Protein with Lycopene, and when you use only half the regular amount of meat, it is med-low fat. It is a budget- and belly-friendly choice!

Happy eating!

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