Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

Well, the game is over, and the Broncos lost, but we had a great party nonetheless. As an UTK alumni, I am a Peyton fan, so of course I wanted the Broncos to win, but maybe next year. As for the Super Bowl food, it was delicious and inexpensive. I bought just enough food for the recipes and to my surprise I only spent $12 and had plenty of leftovers. Now, our "party" was only the four of us. We started a tradition years ago to stay home and celebrate as a family. The game, commercials, half-time performances and the food preparation are always great fun, especially when Peyton is on the field. So we ate, watched in disbelief, danced during the Bruno Mars performance and discussed all the great and not so great Super Bowl ads...:) 
If you watched, I hope you made the best of it, and I hope you enjoyed all the Super Bowl food without spending a fortune or losing your "portion control"! 

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