Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All Things Sautéed: One-Week Meal Plan

The theme for this week is "all things sautéed". After all the baking and cooking I've been doing, I noticed an increase in our utility bill. After discovering that the oven is one of the largest utility expenses, I decided to challenge myself to turn off the oven and cook everything in a skillet on the burner, thus my menu for sautéed meals began. And of course, I have to look at the sales and coupons for the week and make my menu so I get the "double discount"...:)

This Week's Sales:
Lowe's Foods has BOGO Philly Steaks
Dollar Tree has broccoli-cheese-rice and chicken-fried-rice for $1 box
Walmart has good deals on bagged cole slaw, .99 garbonzo beans and bags of shrimp for $5 (makes two meals) and Roll-Backs on veggies this week
I do like to occasionally splurge on the Xtreme Wellness tortillas, especially since we will be having them 3 nights this week. Going shopping tomorrow. Stay tuned for my total!!

Plan for this week's dinners:
1: Veggie soft tacos with toss salad
2: Fish soft tacos with cole slaw
3: Shrimp soft tacos with blue chips and Avocado salsa
4: Chicken Philly wraps with sautéed potatoes
5: Steak Philly wraps with Caesar salad
6: Chicken fried rice with broccoli
7: Stir fried garbonzo beans with broccoli rice and cheese

In case you feel compelled to join me in this money saving challenge, please share what things you decide to cook and the deals get!


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  1. Total cost $57 for 5 days of food. Woot woot I'm feeling excited!!