Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March is a wrap

So-- I made it through March with my "extreme coupon" budget. It wasn't easy, but it was fun! I've realized I'll probably never be a die-hard couponer, but I did love the challenge and the savings. It definetly takes organization, discipline, and desire...:). Keeping your coupons grouped together, and making time to print, cut and sort them takes a NEED or at least a strong "want" to keep you going. Mine was a little bit of both. I needed to cut our original  $220 weekly grocery budget to $100-125 and I wanted to get the largest quantity/quality food for it. This definetly didn't happen overnight; it took several weeks of budget cuts to take the final plunge to $100/week (and that includes toiletries). And we did it!! No one starved, felt deprived, or really "needed" for anything. We did run out of a few things here and there and if it wasn't in the budget we didn't get it... ie. bread, peanut butter, chips etc.., until the following week.  So this month is a bit different. While I am still going to coupon and stick to roughly $100/week, I'm going to go to Delly's Deals and find the best price matches, make my list and stick to just want I need, 4 days at a time.

Happy shopping,

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